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Valeria Coster


Valeria Fernanda de Moraes Coster is a native Brazilian architect with over 15 years of significant experience in architectural. A successful record of accomplishments managing interior architectural design contracts and a myriad of other efforts ranging from small residential to large commercial projects. 

Andrea Rafter

Designer / Space planning

Andrea practiced law as an attorney in Sao Paulo, Brazil for 7 years before moving to Baltimore in 2005 to marry her husband.  Shortly after moving here and with little knowledge of architectural or interior design, Andrea began working at B4 Design for Valeria. Valeria generously taught her the basics of the industry and Andrea immersed herself in learning and excelling in her new career.

She took a couple years off after giving birth to her daughter, Sophia, before returning to work with Valeria in her new venture, Valeria Design Studios.

Ramla Sassi

Interior Designer

Growing up in a multicultural family, Ramla's father is from Tunisia and her mom is from Spain. 

At a young age Ramla Started to observe and discover the beauty of the different places, cultures and styles during the  trips between Tunisia and Spain with her family. A childhood journey that awakened Ramla's fascination with art in general, but especially with architecture. 

Later on Ramla began her first creations, paintings, drawings and trials of new techniques generate the delight and certainty of Ramla's natural talent not only to her proud parents, but to anyone watching Ramla transforming her passion into real art.

Was at the Institute of arts of Tunis, that Ramla found A discipline that gave her exactly what she was looking for. Interiordesign was the perfect mix between art and architecture. 

In 2009 Ramla received her Interior Design Bachelor's degree with Honours.


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