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I used to look like the guy next door.....

This 4,000 square feet project was more than a renovation. As demolition started, many structural issues were found and the centenary house couldn't be saved. The only thing left from the original house were the party walls. To make the nine feet wide room at the front of the house more attarctive VDS raised the first floor about four feet, creating a seating area above the side access to the alley  from inside of the house. The extra 30" made a huge difference to the living area that now can seat additional 6 people.

From the front door the view goes ample through the entire 65' long townhouse and ends at the see through double sided fireplace that heats the dining area as well as the beautiful outdoor patio.

Besides the room sizes and the internal access to a roof top deck with total view of Patterson Park and partial view of Baltimore City, this house received custom built ins for  the entertainment wall,  custom metal railings and a steel structured staircase that allows light from the top floor shinning down to the levels below. Custom design with tile framing tub area at the master bathroom, a laundry shoot  inside the master walk in closet and custom kitchen design.


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