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A perfect sample of working hand in hand with our clients......

Located in the heart of Fells Point in Baltimore, MD the 3,600 sqft historic building, previously used as a warehouse was fully renovated to be converted into a first floor retail with second and third floors housing a unique single family home. In this project VDS had the pleasure to work hand in hand with the client, David Naumann. Naumann's deep knowledge of Baltimore real state added to his youth urban style, were imperative elements during the project development. He knew all the advantages that he could take from the property and made sure to share it with VDS from the very early stages of the project. A fourth floor, three sided glass addition was built to create a flex space that captures one of the most ample and amazing roof top views in the area. The space can be used as a guest room. The renovated industrial elevator brings Naumann's guests from his open floor entertainment kitchen, dining, living, located on the second level of the building to this exquisite "party house" located at the additional 600 sq ft fourth floor.

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