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One idea, one room, one layout, one space transformed by the work of three creative minds that offer elegant, bold, unique, beautiful, and practical design solutions.


At Valeria Design Studio, we look beyond the basic decisions about furnishings and color. We engage with our clients in a conversation that will transform their interior spaces by integrating their needs, their style, and who they are with the architecture of their rooms.


Our work begins simply. A conversation with you, the client and the other people who will be living in and using the space. For example, if it is a child’s room, we’ll talk to the child to find out about their favorite colors, what they like to do, what makes them happy, comfortable, and we’ll begin from there.


We look for and respect differences in our clients. Different needs, different ways of living, of seeing the world. This is what makes the world interesting and beautiful. That is why the Valeria Design Studio process starts and ends with two most important tools that we posses: we listen & we respect.


As we enter your world of interiors and help you transform them, we bring with us the rich cultural and artistic traditions of Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Japan, and Tunisia. We embrace history and culture, creation, nature, art, and design as though they all spring from the same place: our client’s life and needs.


The quality of our work and our high level of professional ethics have been recognized, both here and in Brazil, by a wide range of clients who refer us to their friends, their colleagues, and their families. We love what we do and work hard to make sure our clients will feel the same way about our work.

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