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Living in their well located condo in Sao Paulo, Brazil for over 10 years, the Costa's were ready to make a move. They initially requested Valeria's assistance for the new house selection. The idea was to find a larger property at the same neighborhood that could be renovated and transformed into the home of their dreams. After a couple months of  meeting realtors and visiting properties that did not match the family needs, VDS proposed a renovation plan for the Costa's current house.  It was a complete transformation. The guest bedroom that was used as an office became an entertainment area next to the living. An outdoor planter was removed and the area was enclosed to enlarge the kitchen and breakfast areas. The master bedroom reconfiguration allowed for a large size shower and walk in closets, both a must on our client's list. VDS scope for this project included interior architecture, interior design, finishes and furniture. It has been 12 years that the Costa's moved into their fully renovated condo which they still love as they did on day one!

A complete transformation...
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